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Atlassian Data Center Helm Charts

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This project contains Helm charts for installing Atlassian's Jira Data Center, Confluence Data Center, Bitbucket Data Center, Bamboo Data Center and Crowd Data Center on Kubernetes.

Use the charts to install and operate Data Center products within a Kubernetes cluster of your choice. It can be a managed environment, such as Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, or a custom on-premise system.

Support disclaimer

Support Disclaimer

Helm is a Kubernetes package manager that orchestrates the provisioning of applications onto existing Kubernetes infrastructure. The requirements for this infrastructure are described in Prerequisites. The Kubernetes cluster remains your responsibility; we do not provide direct support for Kubernetes or the underlying hardware it runs on.

If you have followed our documentation on how to configure the Helm charts, and you're using correctly created components, we will then provide support if you encounter an error with installation after running the helm install command.

We don’t officially support the functionality described in the examples or the documented platforms. You should use them for reference only.

Read more about what we support and what we don’t.

Certain product limitations listed below:

Read more about these product and platform limitations.


The diagram below provides a high level overview of what a typical deployment might look like when using the Atlassian Data Center Helm charts:


Installing the Helm charts

  • Prerequisites and setup - everything you need to do before installing the Helm charts
  • Verification - verify the integrity of the Helm charts
  • Installation - the steps to install the Helm charts
  • Migration - what you have to do if you're migrating an existing deployment to Kubernetes

Additional content

Product versions

The minimum versions that we support for each product are:

Jira DC Confluence DC Bitbucket DC Bamboo DC Crowd DC
8.19 7.13 7.12 8.1 4.3


If you find any issues, raise a ticket. If you have general feedback or questions regarding the charts, use Atlassian Community Kubernetes space.


Contributions are welcome. Find out how to contribute.


Apache 2.0 licensed, see license file.