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Agent capabilities

A capability is a feature of an agent. A capability can be defined on an agent for:

  • an executable (e.g. Maven)
  • a JDK
  • a Version Control System client application (e.g. Git)

You can learn more about remote agents capabilities on the official documentation page.

Custom capabilities

Default capabilities

By default the Bamboo agent Helm chart will deploy the bamboo-agent-base Docker image. This image provides the following capabilities out of the box:

  • JDK 11
  • Git & Git LFS
  • Maven 3
  • Python 3

If additional capabilities are required, the Bamboo agent base Docker image can be extended with those capabilities.

This custom image can be used, by first updating the Bamboo agent values.yaml with the image tag of the custom Docker image i.e.

  repository: hoolicorp/bamboo-agent-base
  pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
  tag: "ruby-agent"

The custom agent can then be deployed via Helm:

helm install ruby-agent atlassian-data-center/bamboo-agent -f ruby-agent.yaml