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Preparing an EKS cluster

This example provides instructions for creating a Kubernetes cluster using Amazon EKS.


We recommend installing and configuring eksctl, allowing for CLI interaction with the EKS cluster.

Manual creation

Follow the Getting started with Amazon EKS for details on creating an EKS cluster. Or, using the ClusterConfig below as an example, deploy a K8s cluster with eksctl in ~20 minutes:

kind: ClusterConfig

  name: atlassian-cluster
  region: ap-southeast-2

  - name: appNodes
    instanceType: m5.large
    desiredCapacity: 2
    ssh: # enable SSH using SSM
      enableSsm: true
Cluster considerations

It's always a good idea to consider the following points before creating the cluster:

  1. Geographical region - where will the cluster reside.
  2. EC2 instance type - the instance type to be used for the nodes that make up the cluster.
  3. Number of nodes - guidance on the resource dimensions that should be used for these nodes can be found in Requests and limits.

Adding the config above to a file named config.yaml provision the cluster:

eksctl create cluster -f config.yaml

Next step - Ingress controller

Having established a cluster, continue with provisioning the next piece of prerequisite infrastructure, the Ingress controller.