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Verification ΒΆ

From release 1.11.0, all the Helm charts are signed with a GPG key, following the instructions on the official Helm documentation.

To verify the integrity of the charts, 1. Download chart .tgz file, .prov file and from release assets,

  1. Import the public key into your local GPG keyring. (Install GnuPG tool if you haven't done so already.)

    gpg --import 
  2. At present, Helm only supports the legacy gpg format so export the keyring into the legacy format:

    gpg --export >~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg

  3. Verify the chart.

    helm verify /path/to/product.tgz 

If the verification is successful, the output would be something like:

helm verify ~/Downloads/jira-1.11.0.tgz                                                                         
Signed by: Atlassian DC Deployments <>
Using Key With Fingerprint: DD1A5B2F7A599129274FB10AD38C66448E19B403
Chart Hash Verified: sha256:ca102cbf416a5c87998d06ba4527b5afc99e1d7d1776317ddd07720251715fde