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Creating an initial index snapshot in Jira ΒΆ

These steps should be followed to enable shared index snapshots with Jira:

  1. Log into the Jira instance as the Administrator
  2. Go to Settings -> System -> Indexing
  3. There should be no errors on this page i.e. good-index
  4. If there are errors (as seen below) perform a Full re-index before proceeding bad-index
  5. Once the Full re-index is complete, scroll down to Index Recovery settings visible on the same page index-recovery-settings
  6. Take note of the current settings
  7. Temporarily change these values (Edit Settings), as depicted in the screenshot below. The cron expression will create an index snapshot every minute edit-index-recovery-settings
  8. Wait for the snapshot to be created, by checking for an archive in <shared-home>/export/indexsnapshots
  9. When the snapshot is available, revert the settings noted in step 6, or back to the defaults: default-index-recovery-settings
  10. Consider keeping the Enable index recovery setting so that it is set to ON
  11. Proceed with scaling the cluster as necessary